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We ask that you provide a valid daytime shipping address. 
A signature will be required to receive the package.
Orders cannot be delivered to PO boxes.
You will receive a tracking number to the email address you provided once the order is fulfilled and shipped.
Providing an email address and mobile number will allow for further delivery options if needed.

The Winter 2019 Collection will have a premium limited run of 500, order now to ensure guaranteed product delivery.



Order by
December 15

for Winter Collection

(Jan, Feb, Mar)

Order by
March 15th

for Spring Collection

(Apr, May, Jun)

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June 15th

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September 15th

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Shipping & Delivery will be through DHL Express Worldwide.
Your package will be shipped from London in the UK.
Shipping will occur seasonally; 4 times per year.
Mid to late December for Winter Collection.
Mid to late March for Spring Collection,
Mid to late June for Summer Collection.
Mid to late September for Fall Collection.
Once your order has been fulfilled and shipped your package will be delivered within a few business days.